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One on One Sessions

Ceremony Preparation

Online Spirit Work

Supporting you to prepare for your medicine ceremony.

Our time together will include discussions of:

  • Your intentions for entering into ceremony

  • Your mindset, personal challenges you are facing, and your experience in non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • Your medical history and considerations for entering non-ordinary states of consciousness

  • Your support systems

  • Discernment between your hopes for what your may gain from ceremony vs expectations of an outcome
  • Resources for nervous system regulation

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Ceremony Integration

Online Spirit Work

Supporting you to draw meaning from your ceremony experience.

Our time together will include:

  • Time to process your ceremony experience with an experienced space holder

  • Sharing of tools and resources to support the integration of the felt sense experienced in ceremony into daily activities

  • Support integrating your experience from an understanding at the level of the mind to embodiment, an understanding at the level of the body

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Facilitated Embodiment

Online and In-person Soul Work

Connect with Kate for a Soul Work session, online or in-person.

These sessions invite you to share your story with Kate, a practiced listener and steward of stories. You will be  supported to reacquaint yourself with your soul's purpose and align your life with your desires rather than stretching yourself to meet the demands of the external world. These sessions are a space for you to share your story, be compassionately witnessed in your experience, and learn tools to regulate your nervous system so you can cultivate a sense of grounding in your daily life.

To determine which services are right for you, book your FREE 20 minute curiosity call today!

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One on One Sessions: Services

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Booking Policy

If this is your first appointment, please start by booking a Curiosity Call here or via email at

Please note: Payments by e-transfer or cash are preferred. Credit card option is available.

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