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Anchoring in the unknown

I've felt the landscape of all that I do not know unfold more and more the further I progress in Vancouver Island University's Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Graduate Certificate program, both simultaneously overwhelming and humbling me.

In the moments of overwhelm, I step outside to place my feet on the earth, and am reminded that the gift I bring to this space is a calm within the storm, a sanctuary for feeling, which one can anchor to while navigating their unknown.

This is not something I have studied, rather it’s an accumulation of my life experiences woven with the wholeness I came into the world with and have been reminded of through the generous communication of other-than-human-beings and the guidance of my inner healer in medicine work. Therefore, according to the western world's academic perspective, I “know nothing” and frankly, I’m ok with it.

I’m in this for the long haul and have faith that my role in the psychedelic community is to show up in conversations like this, continually weaving shared wisdom and inspired learnings with my wholeness, alongside incredibly wise others who also “know nothing”.

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