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Stepping into the light

It starts from within. A stirring energy that calls you forth from the dark, inciting your growth so you may breakthrough barriers, stepping into the light.

Breathe now, deeply, as you visualize your breath coming in and down through your lungs, through your bloodstream nourishing the stirring place in YOU. This place that has stirred in you, guiding and encouraging you to move toward your next step on your life's journey. This place that has signalled to you before, though you haven't always been able to hear it. As your breath encircles this place, offer it gratitude for all it has done for you. As you exhale, send away anything that surrounds this place that is obstructing your ability to hear it's messages. Imagine your exhale is taking away all of the weeds you have pulled free from the soil of your inner garden. Allow our plant allies, the trees, to compost that which is no longer serving you so they may turn it into new life.

Tune into this place within you now, it is try to tell you something? Not with words but with a stirring... if so, acknowledge it with tender care. If not, give it tender care. While you are here, you can plant the seed of intention for continued attunement to your inner stirring and the seed of grace for the times attunement is our of your capacity.

As you come back to your consciousness, you bring forth an awareness of your personal path to stepping into the light and into yourself.

Kate walks fluidly, the light shining behind her, highlighting her edges and shining through her hair on the bank of the Chemainus River.
Stepping forth, into the light, following the stirring from within. Image captured by Elyse Anna Photography.

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