These are my upcoming workshops where we can gather and I will share some of my favourite topics.

Looking for something that isn't listed?  Get in touch and we will work toward creating an event suitable for you.

Popular workshops include:

  • Cultivating Connections: Mindfulness in the Early Years

  • Mothers' Mental Health Toolkit Training

  • Full Moon circle

  • New Moon circle

  • Getting playful: Finding joy through play as an adult

  • Essential Oils 101


What’s Available


Mothers' Mental Health Toolkit  February 21, 2020  Vancouver, BC

Enhance your maternal mental health literacy at this one-day event!

Often you are the first point of contact for a mother struggling with their mental health.  This workshop will enhance your mental health literacy, provide a guide for the promotion of mental wellness for mothers, and promote practices that build resiliency and a strong network of community supports.

The valuable toolkit is a workbook-style resource that will increase maternal mental health knowledge, skills, and confidence among those working with mothers and families.

This toolkit and workshop will:

  • enhance your mental health literacy,

  • provide you with a guide for promoting mental wellness for mothers,

  • teach tools and techniques to help you prevent mental health issues,

  • help you recognize the risks and signs of possible mental illness,

  • help you guide women and their families—and other people supporting them—to understand and access assessment and treatment services, and

  • enhance your knowledge of community responses and support that encourage recovery and decrease stigma.

This toolkit will equip front-line community support workers with tools specific to supporting parenting at the neighbourhood level. It is not comprehensive mental health education or a treatment manual and is not intended as a replacement for mental health assessment or services.

On January 9th, 2020 the price of this training will rise to $125. 


2020 Vision Board  Monday, January 27  6-8:00pm

LaFF's Wellness Monday

Let us land in 2020 together and create a vision for what is important to you in coming year(s). Bring magazines (or use the ones we've got), photos, mementos, flyers and anything that inspires your vision for 2020. The more inspiring, motivational and personal your vision is, the easier it is to fall in love with the process of making it your reality!

If you are interested, here are some questions to think about before we gather:
*What would you love to do but are afraid to say aloud to anyone?
*What do you like to do to be creative?
*How do you want to feel at the summer solstice? at the winter solstice?
*What is something new you want to learn?

Meet at Aggie Hall from 6-8 pm, open to all adults (14+).
Donation of $5.00 per visit per person or you can use 2 LaFF Pass drop-in tokens

Chopping Vegetables

Meal Planning  Monday, February 3 6-8:00pm

LaFF's Wellness Monday

Struggling to know what to cook? Come inspire each other with meal ideas and learn how to create a meal plan that will make meals easier and help you save money.  Bring your favourite recipes to share!

Meet at Aggie Hall from 6-8 pm, open to all adults (14+).  Donation of $5.00 per visit per person or you can use 2 LaFF Pass drop-in tokens.


Past Events


Intention Setting for 2020

A fun night celebrating the Oil Up Young Living Team.  Great food, amazing products, inspiring leaders and a couples of babies made for a great way to Kick Off 2020 with intention setting.  Thank you Anne and Megan for hosting a great evening!