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Two steps forward, One step back

As the days get longer, the energy of anticipation for growth stirs within the Earth much like it stirs within us when we are anticipating shifts of personal growth.

However, like the weather of Spring, steps toward growth can come with set backs, like the snow in tomorrow's forecast, following today's sun.

Through our physical yoga practice (asana), the body is nourished through movement, bringing blood flow to stagnant areas allowing stuck energy to clear. This expansion of our energy flow can come with a rebound, a subsequent contraction, as our physical and energetic body settle into new alignment. This can be felt as tension or an ache hours to days after opening a particular muscle group or area of the body.

Much like snow after a sunny Spring day can pull us back indoors, we must remind ourselves that this is part of the natural cycle of growth, NOT a sign to retreat or withdraw forever.

Instead, consider this an invitation to be like a Spring daffodil poking through the Earth; take a pause to rest when you notice a contraction within yourself, integrate the lesson it has for you, then push in your growth, feeling your way forward, one step at a time.

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